• Ledbury asked me to make a playlist for them and featured a handful of travel Sketches from South Africa and Alaska. I constructed the playlist by having a little narrative for each song. Is it listenable? kind of, but someone’s got to try something different every once in a while! I really enjoyed it, and they are in my top 5 favorite clients to work with.

    Playlist / interview here:

  • Some fave shots of a wedding I shot one summer. The couple were very flexible and let me shoot film and polaroids. 

  • Sketchbook pages and fun stuff from my recent trip to ALASKA!

  • The things you get to draw at an agency part 1. (It’s a get well card)

  • Just wrapped up my contribution to BARTKIRA: Volume 4.

    The original Akira pages on the left and my Bartkira pages on the right.

    Stoked and Honored.

  • I spent a good 2 months on and off between freelance projects and my studio gig working on different textures and ink techniques with a pen. And what better subject matter than a bunch of rad Japanese monsters? 10"x5"

  • Super stoked and amazed at @duncanrillustrator signing off on his massive mural in Charlottesville, VA this weekend. #holymoley #mural #bigstuff paintslinging #tallart #cajones #whatdoievenhashtag

  • Ledbury x Cole Haan

    I was commissioned by Ledbury to do an Illustration of their shirt for a collaboration pop-up Shop with Cole Haan. Super quick turn around and super fun! Thanks to the creative the behind Ledbury for the job and letting me do my thing!