Play With OREO


As a part of the OREO team at The Martin Agency, I worked closely with a small group of Art Directors and Creative Directors to flesh out where we could push our current campaign, Play With OREO next. I made hundreds of sketches, and a few paintings as we got closer and closer to hitting just the right note. We had no idea we would be working with some of our absolute favorite artists and blowing our client away with our vision. We made it happen.

Play With OREO Case Study

Original Illustrations I created for the pitch.

OREO bought the work without edit. I worked with every piece of art in every OOH installation, setting the type, composition, and compsing elements for over 70 installations.


The Artwork:
McBess, Alex Trochut, Craig and Karl, Andy Rementer,
Ryan Todd, Geoff McFetridge, Andy Bannecker, Shotopop, Jeff Soto, and Brosmind.

Geoff Mcfetridge sketches

Jeff Soto sketches to final